I am considering establishing a simple site (static pages as well as an image gallery) with Wordpress for any non-web-savvy client, so Let me simplify the Editor role's admin interface whenever possible.

Searching through Wordpress's wordpress plugin directory, I discovered several plug ins that "Content management systems-ify" the admin aspect, hiding menu options and so on. What are the "admin-cleaning" plug ins you'd recommend? Are there more plug ins I ought to consider?

I keep preaching this wordpress plugin throughout Stackoverflow, but seriously opt for PodsCMS. It rocks the home with it's features, scalability, and developer support. There's good documentation and accessible Q&A in the designers through the Coffee pods Forum, IRC Chat, as well as Twitter.

To simplify the Editor role (or any role) take a look at Adminimize.

So far as plug ins to limit user controls, I usually use Capacity Manager (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/capsman/). It enables you to definitely grant or revoke any/all abilities for just about anyOrall roles. You may also make your own role types using their own abilities. So far as Content management systems-ifying your Wordpress, you are able to set static pages because the top of the page and make art galleries automatically. You will find also lots of plug ins to place lightbox or thickbox, or whoever else to include excellent searching UI for the art galleries:

That's only a couple of.

I'd opt for Adminimize or Capacity Manager as suggested by others.

PodsCMS is impressive, bit will probably be made pretty much obsolete with WordPress 3., that is being released soon. So I wouldn't be beginning with this system at this time.