If you are conscious of a Content management systems that utilizes an ORM (either their very own or among the well-known ones), please list the Content management systems here using the title from the ORM it uses.

Knowing the Content management systems you utilize Does not use ORM, please also let them know.

Specifically in PHP

ORM based content management systems, i cant remember. i've been employed in php and focusing on various content management systems. But haven't found popular ORM based content management systems.

I believe reason is straightforward

ORM have extra learning curve, one content management systems gain popularity whether it tight on learning curve. Though many popular content management systems maintain security but same time they stay away from something totally new.



Django-Content management systems that is Python-based uses an ORM. It uses an ORM since it is in line with the excellent Django framework which uses ORM (cf. Wikipedia).

This Wiki page lists many PHP-based systems which use ORM. But many of them are frameworks (not CMSs). For instance, the CakePHP framework and also the Symfony framework which uses Doctrine ORM.

To locate CMSs which use ORM, you might want to search for a Content management systems constructed with individuals frameworks which use ORM. Wildflower Content management systems is develop CakePHP, and there is a couple of CMSs built on Symfony.

I understand that neither Drupal nor Wordpress use ORM. Drupal 6 has it's own database abstraction layer, that is switching to PDO with D7, but it is still not ORM. Both Wordpress and Drupal are made procedurally, and most probably a credit card applicatoin ought to be built with an object oriented paradigm to make the most of ORM.

modx revolution uses xPDO

xPDO provides raw data access using native PDO8 extensions when available, falling to a PDO emulation framework that actually works all of the long ago to PHP 4.3.x. It possesses a very lightweight O/RM (object-relational mapping) layer with access performance much like using the present MODx DB API. With native PDO performance naturally enhancing upon that (it is a put together PHP extension designed in C), the option of using PDO because the exclusive database abstraction layer, switched out better than I ever imagined.