Here's much more of an academic question for everyone. Say I wish to produce a model inside a ruby on rails application to trace simple sights information. I must record the consumer_id, the URI for that page seen, and keep an eye on the amount of occasions the consumer has visited a webpage.

Model A: One method to do this is to produce a model View with characteristics user_id and page (records the uri), after which produce a new entry whenever a user opens a webpage.

Model B: Another method of doing this is to include a characteristic "page_sights" towards the model, to trace the amount of occasions the consumer has utilized that page.

Benefits and drawbacks: Model A might have more details recorded and result in a bigger db than Model B. However, Model B would require that the controller look for a current user-page combination, and only add sights to that particular entry, or create a replacement. This can lead to a more compact database, but might be worse in scale because of the necessity to look for existing records.

So my question to everyone is: that is more essential? Are my ideas wrong? Shall We Be Held missing something here (other performance factors overlooked?)

NoSQL method of monitoring user activity:

model app/models/user.rb
class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  include UserModules::Tracker

mixin app/models/user_modules/tracker.rb
module UserModules
  module Tracker

    def get
      key = "user_" +

      arr = Resque.redis.lrange(key, 0, -1){|i| JSON.parse(i)}

    def put(controller_name, action_name, details="")
      key     = "user_" +
      created =}.to_json

      # silent exception handle, so you can do not run Redis localy
        Resque.redis.rpush key, {
          :controller_name => controller_name,
          :action_name     => action_name,
          :details         => details,
          :created_at      => created



controller app/controller/dashboard.rb
class Dashboard < ApplicationController
  after_filter :track, :only => :show

  # this action will be tracked
  def show

  # this action will show tracking
  def logs_show
    render :json => current_user.get



  def track
    details = "any details...."
    current_user.put(controller_name, action_name, details)

You must have Redis installed, I favor to make use of Resque as common method to setup and initialize Redis via Resque.redis, since it will help you browse your monitoring with resque-web

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On of how to create Redis is within my gist