I am getting good into Node JS and am taking pleasure in it. I am moving more into web database integration.

I've wrapped my mind around Node JS and presently using Backbone JS for that front-end. I am creating a couple of programs that utilizes Backbone to speak using the server utilizing a Peaceful API. In Node JS, I'll be while using Express framework.

I am reaching a place where I want an easy database around the server. I am accustomed to PostgreSQL and MySQL with Django, but what I am requiring here's some simple data storage etc. I understand about CouchDB, MongoDB and Redis, but I am simply not sure which to make use of?

Is one more appropriate for Node JS? Is one better for novices, moving from relational databases? I am just requiring some assistance with which to select, I have come this far, however when it's visiting these kind of databases, I am simply not sure...

Is one more appropriate for Node JS?

More appropriate specifically for node.js most likely no, but all of them is much better suited for several situations according to the application needs or use cases.

Redis is definitely an advanced key-value store and most likely the quickest one amongst the 3 NoSQL solutions. Besides fundamental key data manipulation it supports wealthy data structures for example lists, sets, hashes or pub/sub functionality which may be really handy, namely in statistics or any other real-time madness. It however lacks some kind of querying language.

CouchDB is document oriented store that is very durable, offers MVCC, Relaxation interface, great replication system and map-reduce querying. You can use it for wide section of situations and substitute your RDBMS, however if you're accustomed to random SQL queries you might have certain issues with it's map-reduce sights.

MongoDB can also be document oriented store like CouchDB also it supports random querying besides map-reduce that is most likely among the crucial features why people trying to find DRBMS substitution choose MongoDB within the other NoSQL solutions.

Is one better for beginners, moving from relational databases?

As you are from the RDBMS world and you're simply most likely accustomed to SQL then, I believe, you need to opt for the Mongodb because, unlike Redis or CouchDB, it supports random queries and also the querying mechanism is comparable to SQL. However there might be areas, based on the application situations, where Redis or CouchDB might be more appropriate for the job.