We're along the way of creating a client-server software (in C#, Internet 2.)which may be offered out of the box. The merchandise is within Medical domain.

Can anybody suggest the perfect database for an additional conditions:

  1. Should have the ability to distribute it liberated to the clients.
  2. Clients should have the ability to add images too towards the database.
  3. Small footprint.
  4. Fast, stable, secure and doesn't crash.

We're focusing on MSSQL 2005 Express and Mysql 5.. Much better database which you'll suggest?

Advisable is always to write your software using NHibernate, because the framework supports a variety of databases with only a general change in configuration configurations. The main reason I would recommend the reason being clients Could have a database license already plus they might want your software to make use of that database type.

And So I suggest keeping your application flexible and will be offering an out of the box database recommendation.

You should check out SQLite. It meets all your criteria. Additionally, it has got the amazing ability for use mix-platform. It is the database of preference for apple iphone development, and it is frequently utilized on Home windows and Linux conditions, too!