I'm a new comer to FastCGI and searching to make use of this platform to accelerate my existing vanilla CGI (perl) programs.

In reading through the FastCGI/Apache FAQ, it seems I'm able to setup my scripts (once transformed into use separate initialization/request sections) within the Apache config among the following:

1) dynamic

2) static "within the scope from the SetHandler"

3) static "within the scope from the AddHandler"

4) static "outdoors the scope from the Set/AddHandler" (or, I believe, this is often known as 'external')

I'm unclear about individuals 4 options, and am presuming the default of 'dynamic' is exactly what I ought to opt for, but tend to someone explain the professionalsOrnegatives of those?

There is not much to bother with Add/SetHandlers. They are only a method of determining which extensions should be acknowledged as fcgi scripts.

What you might like to consider is dynamic, static or exterior.

  1. Static is began as apache begins (possible this is actually the most typical setup)
  2. Dynamic is began whenever the very first request is created (This is actually the default)
  3. External necessitates the fcgi server to operate individually from apache. (This is actually the innovative configration)

It is best to make reference to the module documentation to learn more (a minimum of the summary):

FastCGI programs under mod_fastcgi are defined among three types: static, dynamic, or exterior. They are set up while using FastCgiServer, FastCgiConfig, and FastCgiExternalServer directives correspondingly. Any URI that Apache identifies like a FastCGI application and which has not been clearly set up utilizing a FastCgiServer or FastCgiExternalServer directive is handled like a dynamic application (begin to see the FastCgiConfig directive to learn more).

FastCGI static and dynamic programs are created and handled through the FastCGI Process Manager, fcgi-pm. The procedure manager is created by Apache at server initialization. Exterior programs are presumed to become began and handled individually.

Obviously if you work with Perl you can test mod_perl where one can begin by using your CGI scripts first.