After joomla upload to ftp . the number of folder needed mode 777 need enable to working joomla with no error.

With respect to the security configuration of the Web server the suggested default permissions of 755 for sites and 644 for files ought to be reasonably secure.


never use 777 but use 755.

755 just for writeable folders like components, modules, templates, caches and pictures.

except for your .. set to 664

The only real file that should be writable is configuration.php. It ought to be set to 666.

You'll find their email list of folders by visiting the Joomla admin area (the 'administrator' folder inside your Joomla installation). Visit Help > System info within the menu then click Directory permissions. This site informs you whether or not they are writable or otherwise. Folders ought to be set to 777.


Joomla 1.5 consists of a choice that utilizes your FTP account and password to create to files it must email. Enable might not one of them have to be world writeable.

You should check which folders to chmod in system check of the joomla admin

Only bad hosting companies will need you to set permissions to 777. If you need to do this, or are told to achieve that because of your host, save and obtain a much better host. I do not cope with clients on hosts like this, because it is the supply of lots of security issues.