What framework or programming language can you suggest for developing socialnetworking website with features like

Library maintenence and discussing image upload and discussing notes discussing..etc profile creation


One you design together with your site's specific needs in your mind.

Should you haven't much assets, like developers who are able to meet your needs,
you need to go the initial step having a framework like ruby on rails since
you'd "get" something fast.

Whenever your site works, get's used, you are able to deploy everything from that on.

Is dependent. On several things you clearly have to think out or share yet. The length of time have you got? What type of quality if the project contain (i.e. if the design be perfect, or if the application have the ability to handle a lot of demands without errors? The number of people have you got focusing on it? (Inside a team of 10 designers you'd certainly possess a different plan compared to a team of 200 designers). To push you inside a couple of directions:

If it is fast and dirty, and must it be final and handle inside a small-time period, choose a web scripting language you know, and employ an MVC framework with a few decent AR implementation. YII may be worth a glance, but when you simply can't stand the idea of MVC, a minimum of Doctrine ORM is exist for you. This is exactly what I love most if employed for rapid prototyping.

If it is versatile, and able to work a large number of demands very quickly, you might like to construct your own software with a couple less web-scripting related language, that compiles better and will get more stable after you have developed it, e.g. C or C++. Create yourself the plug ins for that web server you have to run this on, as well as construct your own web server that meets your requirements. There's lots of options here, and it'll certainly take considerable time and studying before it is done.

It truly is dependent on taste, and I am sure you can easily start a disagreement. I believe an immediate development framework might be best for the reasons.

I additionally think the best way forward I can provide you with would be to begin small. When I have began on projects previously, and let my imagination try to escape with the features it might have, I have soon become frustrated after i haven't seen much progress. Should you begin with one of the things you want to implement, have it working, then extend it with another, you will get little boosts of encouragement every time you finish something.

The particular features you'll need bear little regards to the option of framework. Pick the one that is inside a programming language you realize, or does not require any programming if you do not know one. It appears in my experience you may be searching for the second - a lot more like a cms. Take a look at something similar to Wordpress or Drupal - they provide an abundance of plug ins or modules that may already do the thing you need. You don't need to reinvent the wheel.