I'm thinking about an intricate, mature and admin friendly content management systems. I'm also searching the main one with many extensions, packages, add-ons ...

I discovered those to be typically the most popular: alfresco, drupal, ez, joomla, dotcms, plone ...

Are you able to assist me to discover the one I'm searching for ? (dotcms and drupal take presctiption my thoughts now)


A Content management systems using the most extensions wouldn't instantly be considered a mature and admin-friendly Content management systems. (And why do you enjoy a "complex Content management systems"?)

Things I would do is define of the needs (both when it comes to functionality, but additionally in aspects associated with performance, platforms, enhanceability, versatility, useability, -ility). Next, create a candidate of candidate CMS'es. Then assess the CMSes as well as their extensions/add-ons against your needs. Don't didn't remember main reasons as developer activity, user community, the 'culture' from the Free project.

Alfresco, Drupal, Joomla have advantages in their own individual areas and bonus sweet spots. Researching individuals, and also the match your needs, is a lot more important than "the main one most abundant in ...".

Obviously, it truly is dependent on which for you to do.For your information, If you wish to make e-commerce and news sites , Joomla has lots of extensions for this . I mean , Drupal can perform such as this too but Joomla is much more appropriate of these usages. But AFAIK, it's difficult to understand and personalize the various components of Joomla. we have to try from back-finish. Drupal is light-weight and simple to use .