I've got a hosting account with GodDaddy, but it doesn't support Haskell.

I suggest amazon . com web services, $15/month for any micro instance for testing/devel, and also the costs increase after that based on your requirements. For that passion for all that's good and wonderful within this world, however, do not use godaddy for not SSL certificates and domains. This just appears as an absolutely horrible idea. They are simply not the kinda people you need to use on such things as that.

As alternative VPS companies go, you will find slicehost, linode, rackspace cloud, and I am sure many others too. In my opinion with rackspace cloud, slicehost, and AWS, AWS continues to be best undoubtedly.

NearlyFreeSpeech is really a website hosting provider that supports Haskell as CGI language (listing of languages supported).

I am hosting my own web page together, although I do not have knowledge about the CGI part, because my website is entirely static.

GHC compiles Haskell code to some UNIX executable, so something that can run an arbitrary executable file and it has some type of front-facing server (e.g. nginx with mod_proxy) able to proxying for your Haskell process is all that's necessary.

If you're planning anything serious that's just a little non-standard, obtain a VPS somewhere. It’s ~350$/year and you've got just a little virtual machine which you're alone and you're simply root