I'm considering using EC2, but it is possible to better and/or even more economical choice? Any lessons available on getting this kind of setup ready to go?

Thanks ahead of time for the help.



I made the decision to choose EC2. I attempted setting up R from source running "Amazon . com Linux", but had a lot of trouble getting jpeg() along with other images to operate. Maybe somebody that knows what they are doing might have an simpler time than Used to do.

Most likely better to use another person's image.

Here's an Ubuntu image with R already installed: akoya-ubuntu-10.04-amd64-server-20101114 (ami-e42cdb8d). (Pointed out by: http://community.mis.temple.edu/stevenljohnson/2011/03/12/rstudio-and-amazon . com-web-services-ec2/.) That is what I made the decision to choose.