Which language for convenient GUI application + sqlite database CRUD (2-4 tables). Java, Python? (Please no jokes like VBasic), some reference, source code to appear on?


First idea: 1 database SQLite (Win) + client GUI application (Win) clients table + orders table + others import, export database add, del, edit, etc. records

Second idea: 1 located database (PostgreSQL ,MySQL) + web application client clients table + orders table + others import, export database add, del, edit, etc. records

Considering Django, RoR or local Java(Netbeans), Python(wxPython+ORM).


Try python with wxPython for UI programming. I would recommend, that you simply search for an ORM mapper like SQLachemy.

Somebody recommended dabo that is made specifically for your own personal purpose, however i don't have any knowledge about it (yet). It really works with wxPython and databases like SQLite.

Delphi. This is an ideal fit with this type of desktop application, and there is a SQLite wrapper available.

Anything you are most acquainted with.

Or whatever have better group of all set to go components, so either Java (Netbeans/Matise + magicians) or something like that else.

Require more info. For internally or are you going to distribute? Desktop or web-based? If web-based, would you host it or will it is located?

Plus there is your individual goals. Really, do it quick, or allow it to be an chance to understand a language/technology you are interested in, like Ruby on Rails? Linq?

GUI development is not much simpler compared to Tcl/tk. Also, Tcl has perhaps the very best interface to sqlite. If deployment is definitely an problem there's certainly no language that may contend with tcl's tclkit/starkit/starpack packaging mechanism.

Write a XulRunner application this could run with Opera 3..


Ruby on Rails is going to do simple CRUD procedures very easily - although doing a lot more than that is one a bit more complex (would require some reading through about RoR's method of doing things). The most recent version of Rails instantly uses sqlite databases, and actually the entire database, and CRUD GUI code could be produced with one command (scaffold).

If this sounds like to become used then that may be a little harder (although I hear that Capistrano is nice) - however for local or intranet use then that is what I'd do.

REALbasic, if you wish to perform a desktop application. The Private edition includes SQLite built-in and it is free on Linux, cheap on other platforms. It is a very clean OO language and reasonable IDE, about as productive as VB6 to operate in but considerably cleaner.

I have been doing mix-platform development for around fifteen years and REALbasic has become my tool of preference for quick database form applications, including a company accounting system I am presently focusing on.

I additionally am employed in WPF/C#, C++ and Cacao/Objective-C so I am not only a "Fundamental-weanie" :-)

C# and WPF, its preatty simple and easy , good to understand (I have been having fun with it for 7 days and fully authored a twitter client inside a couple of hrs.

now Cacao, and also the interface Builder, that's a awesome approach for an easy application.