So, I'm developing an application that sooner or later must choose random kinds of words. For instance, a control button is going to be pressed and it must retrieve maybe two adjectives, a noun, and three verbs, at random. I've began searching at just how to create-up a SQ LITE database, but I am beginning to question, wouldn't it occupy more memory and become slightly reduced to setup this database or rather could I simply set-up a couple of fundamental String arrays? Appreciate the assistance ahead of time!

Unless of course you need to keep data regularly I'd say you need to most likely only use an assortment. Databases tend to be more for persistent storage (i.e. stuff you will need over multiple runs of the application). Nevertheless, should you arrays get reeeeeeeeeealy* large, then yea you are likely to wish to move them onto disk (by which situation they will not occupy any memory). And most likely the easiest method of doing that's having a database.

*Around the order of magnitude of 100s of 1000's of entrys, possibly even more.