I am spinning a project to make use of Node.js. Let me keep using MySQL because the DB (despite the fact that I do not mind spinning the schema). I am searching for an easy-to-use, reasonable-performance ORM, which assists caching, many-to-one and several-to-many relations. In the MySQL ORMs I possibly could find, persistencejs and sequelize appear probably the most mature. Have you got knowledge about either? Do you know the relevant benefits and drawbacks I should know during my decision?

May I would recommend Node ORM?


There's documentation around the Wiki, supports MySQL and PostgreSQL. MongoDB is really a possible next after sales, it isn't hard to implement. I accept issues/pull demands :)

If you are already doing Node.js, then I'd recommend getting a glance at MongoDB. It's query syntax can also be JavaScript &lifier JSON and that i see many people utilizing it along with Node.js.

You'll find what you are able think about because the ORM here:

http://world wide web.mongodb.org/display/Paperwork/Javascript+Language+Center

with increased Node.js specifics here

http://world wide web.mongodb.org/display/Paperwork/node.JS

You might use SauceDB, Sauce db supports linq style querires (though your not instructed to use linq if you do not wish to). Additionally, it uses common objects when being able to access the datastore, this makes serialization with NodeJs very simple.


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