I am a part of an organization that's thinking about a PHP-based system for everyone a residential area for communications reasons, including collaboration, event calendars, along with a photo gallery. We are also loking into social media integration (particularly Facebook) and perhaps payment processing for community occasions.

The 2 primary CMSs we are thinking about are Wordpress and Joomla. We are also considering building on the top of Symfony or Zend. Which PHP-based system has got the best documentation to ensure that individuals people with limited understanding from the frameworks can increase easily?.

Ideally something that's object-oriented and it has a gradual learning curve.

And how about MediaWiki--would that be appropriate for the referred to purpose?

Drupal's documentation is very hefty, and backed by most likely the biggest community of designers among PHP-based CMSs.

The API reference is situated here.

Symfony has the very best documentation of all of the (PHP) open-source projects I have labored with, which may include

  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Zend Framework
  • Code Igniter
  • Cake PHP
  • Joomla
  • OS Commerce
  • PEAR
  • PHP Application Tools
  • eZ Components
  • Smarty

And most likely a couple of others I can not think about right now

Why I believe it is the best

  1. Both user and API paperwork available.
  2. Well-organized
  3. Nicely formatted (simple to aesthetically "parse" hints, notes, and code good examples in the relaxation from the documentation text).
  4. Functional good examples
  5. Diagrams that explain processes much better than anywhere of words could
  6. Some good cheat sheets available
  7. Simple to switch between versions (1., 1.1, 1.2)
  8. Available like a book, if you would like it.


  • could be a little restricting as it is really designed round the blogging idea. stretching it beyond that may be frequently quite cumbersome


  • your customers may prefer this if they're less technically inclined (automatically it features a very "eye-chocolate" like UI. developing for this could be problematic apparently (no direct experience)


  • a comparatively steep learning curve, but a really effective system when you overcome it. enables for an array of development and it has a great community behind it
  • support for such things as media/images is remarkably cumbersome

Roll Your Personal!

  • Zend most likely has got the more feature wealthy framework, really it is dependent in your designers in connection with this, i'd suggest simply using anything they tend to be more familar with.

personally i'd suggest drupal or moving your personal if you think your application is going to be extended diversely past the initial scope later on.