Among my WordPress pages is leading to IE9 (win7 32bit) being unresponsive and provide the next dialog: isn't reacting because of a lengthy-running script. [Stop script] [x]

This is actually the page URL for anybody who would like to have a look:

This site doesn't hang in Chrome or Opera, but does in IE8 and perhaps other IE versions. I do not require a diagnosis, always, but question if there's some method of getting IE to inform me which script is leading to its problem?

Should you run your page using the debugger open (press F12), click the script tab, then click 'Start Debugging', you can observe which file triggered it.


The reason is jquery.js, line 6047, character 5. However, it's much more likely that certain of the scripts is asking jquery inside a tight loop. I'd remove each script tag before the error stops happening.

Another debugging way is to include a rest point in the line pointed out above and appearance the phone call stack. It might be very tiresome if you will find other areas within the code calling exactly the same function but aren't leading to the issue. So, I'd begin by getting rid of script tags, once you discover the actual reason, remove other script tags, and appearance the stack trace. Warning: Once again to become fun

Best of luck