I must develop a News based website but I don't know whether or not to use joomla 1.5 or 1.7? I've been using joomla 1.5 for some time and you will find many extensions available for this. However joomla 1.7 has less extensions available at the moment and that i often hear joomla 1.5 support is going to be stopped by the coming year. So can you please kindly suggest me which version of joomla must i choose and why?

Thanks ahead of time :)

If you want extensions which are only accessible for 1.5, I'd use that. But when you will get away with using/making extensions for 1.7, I'd certainly recommend using 1.7. You will see some learning in the beginning, but every time they visit for any much simpler upgrade to at least one.8, and you'll just find a few of the new 1.7 features helpful.

This is the approach we have been taking lately for the client projects. Almost always there is a little of the chicken-and-egg problem in the beginning (awaiting extensions to update), but we currently find you will find very couple of things preventing us by using 1.7 like a base (although we are comfortable creating our very own extensions where needed).

If you're building new, build in 1.7 as 1.5 is potential depreciated. Although some extensions are just obtainable in 1.5, most everything new has been written for 1.7.

1.7 has a far greater ACL model along with other enhancements that'll be helpful for you personally.

Good reasons to remain on 1.5 are restricted to: 1. I need a particular module and absolutely nothing similar will come in 1.7 (but when you're building for any client, think about the implications in the future with this decision.) 2. I'm supporting many sites and re-using assets among all of them my other sites take presctiption 1.5. I've got a migration intend to encourage them to 1.7 (or 2.5), but I wish to get it done later within an orderly manner.

If you're holding back for just about any other reason, you're making an error.