We now have made the decision that it's time to ditch the ad-hoc approach to implementing video on our web qualities and pick a number of Video Platforms additional job for us. Higher level needs are:

  • Will need a simple to mount and embed player.
  • Must make uploading and transforming existing video.
  • Will need strong statistics, ideally integrated with google statistics.
  • Must be able to "canned" video (ie -- video when needed) and live streams (ie -- live occasions).

Another stuff that could tilt the total amount:

  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Multiple-bitrate streaming.
  • Flexible APIs.

Hosting this ourselves is not a choice--we simply not have the manpower of looking afterOrgive food to for this. Cost isn't a major object.

So, who'd you choose?

I'd recommend Ooyala or BrightCove like a professional video platform for mid-to-large size companies. Have scalable prices as demand increases (including support for mobile, API's and live-streaming). They are costly (see prices: Ooyala and BrightCove), but appropriate for mid-large companies. Brightcove can be used by large names for example Fox, DiscoveryChannel, etc. Ooyala can be used by EA, Dell, etc.

Rivals also to consider: Kaltura, Delve, Viddler (no live), Wistia (no live).

Ps. personally I needed to recommend Vimeo because I really like their player's interface, but Vimeo Plus' 5gb/week limit means it's most likely not appropriate for companies.

Seems like YouTube :). Could it be achievable for their services like a service? You can embed the videos easily in your site and they've the abilities you pointed out.

I'd some knowledge about Kaltura.com, also it was positive experience of general.

Unsure should they have 'multiple-bitrate' and 'live stuff' yet, however, you can request these to implement that.

Such situation I would suggest Influxis, which supplies expensive media server. Adobe hosts live broadcasts etc by using their.

It can be only the programmer within me but I recommend moving your personal system while using Sothink Video Encoder Engine and Flowplayer around the front-end.

Flowplayer is most likely the simplest Expensive/jQuery player I have found. Simple to embed, Multi-bitrate, mobile friendly, lots of plug-inches (including social networking) and i really like EASY?

Sothink includes a very stable product for PHP. It'll convert nearly almost anything to FLV. It isn't free, but when you are seriously interested in it. That is what I'd use.

Hope that can help.

I'd make use of a CDN Provider. It depend's in your clients region which to select...

Only use google to locate something similar to this: http://world wide web.maxcdn.com/video.php

@john swaringen, or other people for your matter: And So I don't drag my question into this publish.. will you be available to considering my question (link below) regarding video streaming?? We are available to located or perhaps in house solutions and also have servers available as to roll our very own... BUT, we now have no training with streaming, media servers, etc..