Would you assist me to to select a webserver. I must change my Apache installation on the cloud server. I am using PHP, Node.js and perhaps eventually Python.

Which of Apache, Ligthttpd and nginx may be the easiest to configure for my use ?


If you plan to operate Node.js alongside PHP on a single platform, I recommend considering using nginx like a reverse proxy.

You will find many perks for this setup..

  • Although nginx is fully able to handle php demands via fastcgi, but Apache + mod_php now is easier to configure during my personal opinion.

  • EngineX is superb at serving static files, it takes much less memory than Apache thus permitting you to definitely depend on Apache just for dynamic PHP demands.

  • Provided you're running some flavor of linux, you are able to install both Apache and nginx via a package manager and steer clear of coping with source unless of course you need to.

  • Node.js can run being an upstream server through nginx which means you would have the ability to run all 3 servers simultaneously.

I have not attempted applying Python via nginx and so i don't have any knowledge about it, but given how efficient nginx like a reverse proxy, you are able to throw a Python server on the different port and just add another upstream server for your nginx configuration with barely any effort.