I've made the decision to make use of framework to build up my very own custom wordpress theme? But I am confused which to make use of? Or must i still write all up codes myself. I personally use 960 as css framework and jQuery as js library. Any assistance will be cordially appreciated.

I usually used http://wpframework.com/. It's a beautiful framework, community driven, and lock tight. Without all of the unnecessary features from the pricey packed frameworks.

I made use of Thesis until lately after i switched towards the Frugal. Thesis is nice if you're more comfortable with codes.

Frugal is a smart choice and something can really develop an entirely unique layout simply by clicking a button. You don't need to learn any codes, just takes some time for you to get use towards the maze of possibilities.

I am presently while using Thesis Theme Framework... but the organization (DIY Styles) is getting some problems and for the time being, the Thesis future is sort of unknown, with a few partners departing the organization, Pearson (the Thesis creator) with issues with Matt (The Wordpress creator), etc...

So for the time being, I would not recommend Thesis. I'd opt for the Genesis Framework or Headway. Headway is simple to configure having a visual editor making things super easy (Thesis isn't as simple as it appears, though).

I'd election for famous and have-wealthy Thesis Theme Framework.

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