I a trying to setup a genuine time game server that runs a game title I'm writing like a C# .Internet 3.5 service. The overall game is comparable to classic pong so I have to send real-time feedback to both clients via a persistent socket connect with the server.

It is really an illustration of how it's coded. http://world wide web.codeproject.com/kb/IP/socketsByBobJanova.aspx

Does anybody are conscious of any hosting services that may support this? I'm only worried about getting an reasonably listed host will be able to test in for the time being.

Ok, this is a shot being an answer other then only a simple webhost. I don't know of the means, but things i did was pay about $300 per month for any 1/4 rack colocation in Chicago, IL. For your I recieve all of the redundant energy and bandwidth I want (29Mb up, 72Mb lower normally). Then i continued EBay and also got myself a few Dell PowerEdge 2850 Dual 2.8GHz Xeon, 4GB RAM, 3x73GB 15k Revoltions per minute RAID for around $350 each. Place them all in, and boom, instant data-center.

I decipher it required me about 15-20 hrs to create everything, $1000 in hardware, and $300 per month in colo costs. So it's not for everybody, as well as the small company that requires charge of their servers, but require more performance/reliability then located, it's not a poor option.