In the last couple of days I've been attempting to scout out an affordable solution to my hybrid/devoted box at WiredTree. I've basically arrived on the cloud server solution from either Amazon . com (EC2) or Rackspace (Cloud Servers). My questions are:

1) Between individuals two, and then any other cloud provider I might have skipped available, who are able to offer me the very best solution for hosting multiple sites. a. This will get a bit more complicated because in a perfect world, I must connect a distinctive ip to every site which i deploy around the server. However, after reading through concerning the cloud options available, I recognized that it isn't really a possible option and that i might have to be satisfied with same IP on a single instance, but take advantage of Vhosts. That can bring me to:

2) Can there be a good way, inside the cloud or else, to dynamically give a vhost to my HOST file and Apache.conf file to ensure that I'm able to easily produce a script inside my admin back finish which enables the creation these new sites.

The primary problem here's scalability. Basically can one would have the ability to scale this solution as much as 50 sites if necessary and it might be as simple as filling out an html form -> delivering that form to php around the back finish, after which getting my new site set up correctly.

Virtual Host and different Insolvency practitioners contradict one anothers

Virtual hosting is a technique for hosting multiple domains on the computer utilizing a single Ip.