How come relation databases more prevalent than object-oriented databases?

When the Object Oriented Programming paradigm is really common, should not we have seen plenty of OODBMS? Wouldn't they perform much better than the RDBMS+OR/M?

One reason why RDBMS has maintained recognition is the fact that it's established technology, well understood and it has a typical language (SQL) that multiple suppliers support. Additionally, it includes a couple of good connects like ODBC and JDBC making it interact with different languages pretty much. A reliable API is really a strong element in keeping a technology dominant.

By comparison, there's no obvious model for OODBMS, nor it is possible to standard language, nor it is possible to standard API. There isn't a p facto standard by getting a number one vendor implementation.

The OODBMS concept might perform much better than RDBMS+ORM. It is dependent positioned on the implementation. But it is also correct that OODBMS don't solve exactly the same group of issues that RDBMS are great at fixing. Some data management jobs are much simpler for those who have referential integrity and relational headers enforced through the data management solution. These functions are absent within the OODBMS model (a minimum of to date).

There's lots of noise on blogs that relational databases are obsolete, but RDBMS are nonetheless the very best general-purpose solution for majority of of information management tasks.

Data frequently lives longer and it is more essential than program. So even when you begin a greenfield development today you need to think about the overall picture. You will find more tools, processes and experienced people dealing with RDBM systems. Think past the program, what about capacity planning, data mining, confirming, ETL, integration along with other data sources etc. What about your organization obtaining another company and therefore getting almost all their relational data inside your program. RDBMS and connected tools are extremely established, proven and effective which i don't there's any proper sense in making use of other things. In certain small niche maybe although not generally.