I'm a new comer to the php framework symfony.I've got a problem creating the database.I'm using propel orm. As always I made necessary alterations in the database.yml page i quickly edited the schema.yml page. and to be able to build the database within the command prompt typed the command..

c:>php propel:build-all

and i'm obtaining the error message as

"couldn't open input file:propel:build-all"


Thanks ahead of time...

Before propel build all in symfony 1.4 . Make an edit in MysqlDDLBuilder.php as pointed out in link then Enter project directory in command prompt and kind as below example during my home windows system:

C:wampbinphpphp5.3.5php.exe symfony propel:build-all

Take a look link regarding how to produce the sql using propel:

Building The Database

to produce the sql use : // can create a sqlfile.sql

propel-gen sql

then make your database using mysqladmin

mysqladmin -u root -p create my_db_title

import the sql file

mysql -u root -p my_db_title < sqlfile.sql