I have got two teams of hex values as a result:

---------- ------------------
0x0062EB3F 0x000000020062EB3F
0x0062EF17 0x000000020062EF17
0x0062EF30 0x000000020062EF30
0x0062EF38 0x000000020062EF38
0x0062EF3B 0x000000020062EF3B
0x0062EF3F 0x000000020062EF3F
0x0062EF40 0x000000020062EF40

The only real difference may be the leading zeros, they are the same number because the one alongside it. Why will not MSSQL count them to be equal? Shall We Be Held missing something?

Really, they are different in excess of only the leading zeros:

 0x        0062EB3F 

There's an additional "2" inside..... so that they are not exactly the same!

To begin with, the amounts you indexed by your question won't be the same:

0x0062EB3F  !=  0x000000020062EB3F

Notice, the amount around the right comes with an extra 2

Also, it is dependent on which kind of data SQL server is applying to keep the amounts. If they're saved as INT or BIGINT, then 0x0001 is the same as 0x1, but when they're saved as VARBINARY for example - then 0x0001 is different then 0x1.