I've some PHP scripts that reside on the network share. For argument's sake, let us call the proportion \\nas\dev. I've got a Site on \\w2k3dev\ placed in IIS6 that utilizes \\nas\dev\ since it's home directory by setting "A share situated on another computer".

A number of my scripts use shell_exec to complete functions around the server and return leads to my script. Again for argument's sake let us say I am just obtaining a directory listing like so:

echo shell_exec('dir');

  • Basically run the script in IIS, I recieve no output - but no error logs either.
  • Basically setup Apache on \\w2k3dev\ and configure it to make use of exactly the same share, the script runs fine
  • Basically copy the script towards the local machine and run it through IIS it really works fine.

Therefore the problem only appears to become when IIS is to establish to utilize a network tell a script that contains shell_exec. Almost every other facet of my scripts work fine.

Profiling in procmon, I can tell that cmd.exe works completely in a different way based on be it being run by IIS or Apache. I've more particulars, but with regard to being concise, I'll omit them for the time being unless of course someone requests more particulars.

Many thanks for searching only at that, I'm inside my wits finish.