When searching in the set folder in php.ini for eAccelerator to make use of, there is nothing there. No hidden files too. Directory is writable too:

eaccelerator.cache_dir = "c:/wamp/tmp/eaccelerator"'

Also got the next configurations in php.ini to permit disc cache:


When looking at php_info(); following seems:

Memory Size          33,554,392 Bytes
Memory Available    29,181,672 Bytes
Memory Allocated    4,372,720 Bytes 

The allotted RAM rises because the amounts of file's being read increases, therefore it is certainly caching, why does not it write almost anything to the temp directory?


Did you will find the option eaccelerator.shm_only = 1? They might over-ride disk cache.

Check this out http://serverfault.com/questions/61316/eaccelerator-disk-cache-size