I have moved a WebBBS board in one server to a different. Since the board does not work. I am getting an Apache error whenever I attempt to gain access to the board. Don't know how to start the debugging, I am not really a Perl person. The file pathways continued to be exactly the same there is not any DB involved.


Any ideas?

After a little of testing In my opinion the problem has something related to the index.cgi that is situated for the reason that folder (not receiving the mistake when renaming it).



More details relating to this error might be obtainable in the server error log.

States everything. You'll have to discover the error log and check out it.

If you work with CGI, the initial step would be to check you've trained with the best permissions so it's an executable script whatsoever.

chmod 755 index.cgi

This really is triggered by Apache config errors. Set LogLevel debug and tail -f the mistake log. It'll most likely be something related to .htaccess permission for override, or, it's needing a module which is not loaded. The mistake log will explain instantly.