There is a dozen services that offer located version control, located ticket monitoring, located project management software, and combinations of all the above, you will find located web-based IDEs. But no one's yet offered a located continuous integration service a minimum of will be able to find. The idea appears not so difficult: I register and supply the Hyperlink to my source code repository, it grabs my code and develops it via ant/rake/whatever, then runs the suite of tests plus some metrics (code coverage, performance, etc.). Can there be some prohibitive barrier to entry I am not thinking about?

So, two comments.

  1. People apparently provide located CI services. http://world wide

  2. Generally, it is a much harder cost located CI since it is something that's Very difficult about the CPU and disk (much much more than website hosting, for instance), therefore it is gonna need to be listed in a different way. It is also very niche, meaning it's most likely not well worth the hassle.

We are starting a brand new service soon, located continuous integration and continuous deployment for heroku. Register for that beta and discover more at http://world wide If you do not use heroku for hosting you are able to still use, you just need to subscribe to a totally free heroku account. (February 2011)

Good question. Relevance is starting just this type of service soon:

Visit and take a look around. We'll make more public bulletins soon.


You can install one continuous integration server by yourselft if you purchase a VPS, however i understand your point. You would like something as they are. The difficulties which i see:

  1. how you can handles the large number of languages/conditions/frameworks/databases/operational systems/etc
  2. how to deal with local dependencies
  3. how to deal with with intensive cpu usage (with develops that begins some type of load test or whatever)
  4. how you can keep large good reputation for huge produced items.

Sure, some things (3 and 4) curently have solutions like Amazon . com Web Services, Google Application Engine yet others.

Best Wishes

Try, it is a free located continuous integration platform, for PHP, Java, Ruby, Perl, etc. projects. Additionally to CI it offers SVN and Trac.

The best trouble with this type of service could be really calculating the CPU needed - build services is potentially unbounded, especially if you want to look after a sizable large number of kinds of projects. You will find also potential security issues.

As well as for quite a number of projects to operate correctly, you'd most likely require a pretty large staff.

For Java teams you could also want to check out Mike also in private beta.

There's additionally a recent blog publish in the Build Physician talking about a couple of options, from DIY amazon . com AMIs (CI inside a box) to some bespoke service (CI Foundry) and exisitng companies for example Run Code Run.

Additionally to RunCodeRun suggested by @jgehtland I additionally discovered Devver (http://devver.internet) that also, sadly, continues to be in private beta.

The prior posters didn't remember to specify that

  • works just with GIT databases from
  • devver.internet works just for Ruby projects.

Really is within public beta.

There also the CodeBetter TeamCity server in case your project is free.