I am searching through my server because I wish to restrict use of some specific folders and i have observed I've several .htaccess files. One is incorporated in the root, your directory before public_html, would be that the root, or perhaps is public_html the main? Which file allows php5 as default. Then i possess a htaccess doing a bit of url re-writing within the public_html folder, i quickly have a different one within the wordpress directory.

It is possible to need to allow them to be disseminate?

Have i got one htaccess for every folder I would like affected or does the htaccess affect a folder plus all the sub sites?


Edit: Also provide another htaccess during my wordpress theme folder?

Apache has two methods for storing configuration options:

  • The central configuration (the .conf files) - whenever you change these, you have to restart the server.

  • .htaccess files whose configurations apply simply to its directory, and all sorts of child sites. Altering these doesn't need a server restart

If you are on the devoted server, you could theoretically migrate all .htaccess files in to the central configuration, but WordPress will write right into a .htaccess file when upgrading its permalink structure, so you'll also have a minimum of that.

In my opinion, keeping individual .htaccess files is comparatively practical in everyday maintenance act as lengthy as they are not too many. I'd leave things because they are.