a jk_connector worker is essentially a tomcat instance waiting to process demands from the web server.

The apache paperwork tell you just how you ought to have multiple employees for those who have multiple applications, but does not really explain why.

Do you know the pros/cons of getting a staff per web application versus 1 worker for multiple applications?

Processor interest in one. When the workset is certain to one executional unit its built-in cache be applied better. The greater programs to talk about the area the greater contention.

Most systems today derive from multiple cpu cores where threads can execute individually on each core. Which means that an active server can better utilize system assets if you will find more threads (e.g., 1 thread/cpu), for both multicore (SMP) and multithreading (SMT) systems. A typical method for servers is use a process/thread pool of employees which may be used and used again for everyone multiple synchronised demands.