I have heard about GAE and despite the fact that it does not support PHP, individuals have become for this limitation by utilizing Quercus I believe (I've not attempted it, but allegedly it really works). But what factors must i consider when looking for be it a match for me personally? For instance, what made you not opt for GAE? Or should you opted for it, what exactly are explore happy about?



Because of individuals who saw value within the question and defended it. I have seen questions here which were a smaller amount programming-related than mine and that have been left open. When it comes to it as being a dupe, it is not in anyway. That other question was particularly about PHP support mine is all about why don't you GAE generally (the php would be a sidenote). I doubt the guy that screamed "dupe" even read both inquiries to observe how mine is clearly a lot different. You are able to election it reopened should you still see value inside it. Good quality solutions were already arriving, bad the five individuals wiped out a superbly Positive Thing. I chosen for any reopen, 4 more and more people could visit if interested.

Because GAE is stiffer and tightly combined to Google's framework.