I'm getting a little performance trouble with my PHP pages. My application is combined of two different languages, PHP and JSP that are using apache and tomcat on the top. My JSPs are extremely fast but php pages are just like 10 occasions reduced as well as their both utilizing the same database too. I understand JAVA said to be faster than PHP but my application is running very slow on PHP section BUT this is not on JSPs.

Also, I'm 100% sure there is nothing wrong with my PHP scripts however it appears like it's apache that can take lengthy to process php plus some static files. Please tell me if anybody has ever discovered such problem. I do not mind posting my apache conf file if you want to take a look in internet marketing.

Note: Apache is set up for everyone all of the files aside from Servlets/JSPs and also the JSPs are running faster even than some htmls.

Thanks ahead of time.

  • For PHP apply certain type of opcode cache like APC or eAccelerator otherwise PHP needs to parse your files on each request.
  • For general apache tuning you want to do some searching, few things like crippling .htaccess files involves mind however it still ought to be faster than JSP... Some apache performance tuning tips.

java isn't faster than php, perhaps you have requested your webhost about this? they are meant to repair it...that is exactly what the support team is perfect for lol :D

I request these to fix the silliest trouble with my sites, plus they get it done so quick, this is exactly why we pay!