Exception Type: OperationFailure at /
Exception Value: database error: point not in range

My code is:

user_center = [ user_utm[1], user_utm[2] ]
user_radius = tools.milesToMeters(request.session['browser_distance'])

results = db.datasets.find({"test_set":"g2", "loc_utm": {"$within": {"$center" : [ user_center, user_radius ] }}});

For my Mongo query, Used to do this:

db.datasets.ensureIndex({"loc_utm":"2d"}, {"min":-999999999999, "max":99999999999 } );

My user_center and user_radius is, after i printed it:

[553068.42444848095, 4181244.9741927907]

My documents during my mongo collection possess a UTM much like the consumer_center, therefore it should obtain the query. But, rather than coming back the documents, I recieve this strange error.

Should you run Mongodb Version 1.4./1.5. you need to upgrade to at least one.5.2 where that type of problem has been fixed.