It's a little strange in my experience about database schemas sample that we think the majority of the projects will have to design a database for this. however when I try to look for sample online, it really is rare (eg. full database schema for Inventory Management, School Management, HumanResource management). I understand that every database design is is dependent around the project requirement, however i don't believe it is very different.

I simply question why there's so couple of people kick it on the internet as other source code.

Could anybody pointing me out where you'll get it or any advice?

Thanks ahead of time

This should be the ueber-list on database schemas. And here's an interesting reading list on Amazon . com. I'm able to recommend the Len Silverston books. They'll enable you to get began.

You will find lots of database schemas available, I'd say.

SQL Server 7/2000 schipped with "pubs" and "Northwind" which you'll still download from CodePlex.

SQL Server 2005 shipped with AdventureWorks, quite extensive and obtainable in various versions (OLTP, OLAP, Light) - available too from CodePlex.

Many writers have sample databases they will use for his or her blogs as well as their screencasts, e.g. Rob Bagby has one for school data and something for any vineyard on his blog.

You will find several more (targeted at finally eliminating while using well known Northwind database for demos) on Codeplex.


Take a look at free projects for schemas together with the code which use them? For Content management systems schemas, there are Wordpress, Drupal along with a thousand others, for CRM schemas, SugarCRM etc.