I personally use apache2, ubuntu server 8.

I produced a title based virtualhost. I produced the file mydomain.com which is its content:

<VirtualHost mydomain.com:80>

   ServerName world wide web.mydomain.com

   DocumentRoot /var/world wide web/vhosts/xxxx/htdocs/

   ServerAlias mydomain.com

   ServerAlias *.mydomain.com


I placed it in:
after which triggered it through
a2ensite mydomain.com
and reloaded apache conf files.

The issue is that now both basically enter in the browser mydomain.com OR xx.xx.xx.xx (the ip) this VirtualHost is loaded both in the instances! I understand that for certain since the submissions are offered by /var/world wide web/vhosts/xxxx/htdocs/ both in the sorts of request. I expect this to not happen once the IP is typed.

Where's the issue?