I am using Visual Studio 2010 using the new website publish dialog. I've got a Web Application website. When released, theoretically it will compile all of the code into an single set up. However, both in Debug and Release, after posting your directory always consists of source code of page and user controls (despite the untransformed web.config files Web.Debug.config and Web.Release.Config). This is confusing.

However with package/publish web project configuration and Generate Deploy package context food selection, the PackagePackageTmp directory is clean.

  • Why does not Visual Studio make use of this Package to write the web site?
  • Where's the precompile option?
  • Web.config xml transform appears not work, how come Visual Studio bring this feature to confuse me?

You must know the variations between Web Application Projects versus Web Site Projects.

To deploy an internet application project, you copy the set up that's produced by producing the project for an IIS server. In comparison, to deploy an internet site project, you normally copy the project source files for an IIS server.

For Web application projects, you normally build the project in Visual Studio or using the ASP.Internet batch compiler on the computer that's not the development IIS server. All code-behind class files and stand alone class files within the project are put together right into a single set up, that is then make the Web application project's Bin folder. (The .aspx and .ascx files are put together dynamically inside a manner much like what's accomplished for Site projects.)

For Site projects, you don't have to by hand compile the project. Site projects are usually put together dynamically by ASP.Internet (on the expansion computer and also the production IIS server). You are able to choose from batch compilation mode, which typically produces one set up per folder, and glued compilation mode, which usually produces one set up for every page or user control.