This is actually it will get. My school gives us an individual storage you can use for any web page. It is the standard http://world wide type deal. Formerly, I'd make changes for an index.html file and upload in making use of the 'Secure File Transfer Client' to my public_html folder. I'd hit refresh, and bingo.

I made use of ssh to login remotely edited the .html file with pico, and saved it. basically perform a cat around the file after closing it, will still be there. But my neither opera nor google chrome reflect the current changes. I have even erased my cache with no success.

I have certainly encounter cases when despite refreshing my browser cache and then any other cache I'd treatments for there is still an exterior proxy or server-side cache that could not be intentionally rejuvenated. For the reason that situation renaming the file should a minimum of enable you to get a present version. In the event that fixes it, this is the problem.

The only real other time I have had this issue was in times where files were examined using their editable place to their final offered location using a publish-commit hook, which script broke. But that is virtually certainly not the situation for you personally. I am just tossing it available as the second bizarre scenario which i know I wouldn't have considered whether it had not happened.

possibly you're behind a proxy, that is still serving the cached version?

how sometime ago have you edit your website?

Can there be http proxy between your host where your html files are offered from ?

Sometimes also using "pressure refresh" helps, eg, not only pressing the refresh button. Look into the section "Instructions for a number of browsers" within this page:

Attempt to see the page from another computer, simply to make certain.

I'm not sure the infrastructure implemented inside your school, but when there is a clustered atmosphere, for example, maybe you are altering the file in a single server and what you are getting into your browser is released in another server.

To cope with cache problems I add version number to file for:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="game.css?5">

Every update I simply increase number after ?. I will not help directly inside your problem, but you may make your index.html always redirecting you to definitely index2.html?random to be certain no cache can be used. You also my wish to check no-cache meta data: http://world wide

Try renaming the file to or something like that to be able to make certain it is the page that's being offered. Whether it's not really a cache problem, it's maybe the incorrect file that you are modifying Edit: observed your latest comments. This means the files aren't offered out of your local folder, but from elsewhere ( which place isn't instantly up-to-date whenever you save your valuable files) or ... maybe there is a configuration problem ( server searching inside a different folder)

So my school moved to an alternative web atmosphere, and was no more while using public_html directory for everyone student and faculty web pages.