Must I save these details within the database?
For instance when customers register or sign in?

Unless of course you are monitoring the customers visiting your website, limitting access according to Ip, or supplying physical services (according to IP research)...then you don't have to save these details whatsoever.

Some sites, like banks, uses this data like a security measure. By trying to register again from another Ip, you'll be requested to verify your identity.

  1. Rate Restricting (to safeguard your assets eg. API)
  2. Security (for auditing reasons - match IP with user qualifications)
  3. Geolocation based services (otherwise now, maybe later on?)
  4. Data for future load-balancing functionality

Should you be applying a car-sign up feature than you'll probably store this (alongside checking for data inside a cookie) to try to verify the computer is the most appropriate one for that user, before auto-logging them on.

Most web servers already log this type of information within their log file.

You might want to log the IP to be able to complement the net logs together with your user through the IP (and time).

This won't be 100% correct, as IP addresses could be shared (for instance behind a NAT firewall).

In the event you do that? It is dependent. Would you need this functionality? With respect to the response to this, you need to make your choice.

IP restrictions for misbehavior. The only solid reason behind collecting the raw IP addresses (and never "cooked" data like geolocation or Web service provider). When you get several similar prohibit causes of new accounts, look into the Insolvency practitioners they drenched in from, and when those are the same or much the same you might want to block on per-IP basis.

You need to save Insolvency practitioners of customers only if you have a poll or rating system where anybody can election once. You also could store IP data to check on for multiple sign in periods so people can sign out other active periods out of your site, as with GMail.

We perform a site in which the "government bodies" in our country frequently get in touch with and things to have IP addresses from the specific user due to copyright infringements or any other suit reasons. This can be country specific however for us, this can be a reason to help keep some IP addresses in our customers.