I am building an apple iphone application that will have to communicate and exchange data having a server.

My plan's to switch messages in Cleaning soap format and also have PHP/Apache handle the processing/response. My real question is, what could Tomcat/JSP/Servlets do this Apache/PHP can't?

Without having anymore information than "exchange Cleaning soap messages", the solution could be "nothing".

Essentially, you will probably have the ability to do anything you want in some manner with either, so select the one you are most acquainted with.

The greatest distinction between Light and "The Java approach" is the additional step of compilation. All the languages I have heard mounted on Light (Perl, Python, and PHP) are languages where source code is interpretted, whereas Java translates bytecode. It may sound just like a small difference, but used, compilation adds on the non-trivial quantity of effort.

I simply hope the Java folks take a look at Light with a balanced view , and likewise Hopefully the Light folks take a look at Java with a balanced view. Java does several things well, and does other activities not too well. Likewise, Light does several things well, along with other things not too well. Maybe we are able to study from both.