What benefits will i gain by utilizing IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition over Apache Geronimo?

So far as I recall from a number of IBM's demos, you will find very little variations between WAS CE's and Geronimo codebases. Altough there is some WAS CE specific development previously, components developed specificaly for WAS CE were adopted through the Geronimo project.

The primary WAS CE benefits I see are:

  • Documentation for WAS CE at IBM's Infocenter. Other IBM's middlewares are recorded fairly well there, to me, this really will be a benefit.
  • IBM provides support for WAS CE exactly the same way it will for other IBM items
  • Migration from CE with other Websphere items is supported.
  • More OSs are supported (well, not really a large benefit, however it might make cellular phone simpler in some instances).
  • Derby DB embedded (again, a minimum of it somewhat simplifies installation)

If you are planning to maneuver with other Websphere AS later on, then WAS CE is unquestionably a better option. Also note there's a positive change in certification of both appservers - WAS CE uses an IBM licence, not the Apache one.