Dear all, I'm dealing with Databases and i'm confusing using their connection-strings . You will find many connection types and you will find many connection-strings with various structures. All of time I wish to connect with Database, I arrived at and discover the bond string (I can not remember all connection strings). It waste time.

So, Would you let me know exactly why many connection types exist with one another? let us consolidate theme to 1 type?

Thanks, Binh Nguyen

The primary reason is most likely that you will find a variety of DBMS (Database Management Systems) available (e.g. MySQL, MSSQL, etc.), each created with a different company or organization with various style and concepts about the proper way to do things. Furthermore, for every DBMS there might be a number of different motorists to select from for hooking up for them, based on what language you are using along with other factors.

If you would like all of them to become standardized, you are going to need to get all of the designers of both DBMS and motorists to agree with a typical form, that is pretty unlikely.

Because you will find many database suppliers delivering many versions of numerous databases over many methods, etc.

Option is a positive thing.