Is easy to configure IIS7 to offer the same functionality like Apache has regarding wildcard domain names? I am thinking about routing user in ASP.Internet web application according to subdomain user utilized in URL.

Something similar to is referred to here:


Does IIS support wildcard host header ? Can One capture and redirect * to 1 site ? The reply is Yes/No. Yes, since you are in a position to redirect * to 1 site. No, since the miracle is within DNS and never IIS.

Here's how you're doing so: At IIS MMC, configure an internet site without any host header, then assign an Ip to the website. (for those who have one Ip within the box, you'll be able to skip this). With this particular, the site will certain to the particular IP and can pay attention to all HTTP demands send towards the IP, and also you are carried out :)

Next thing would be to make certain your title resolution works best for the wildcard query and reply using the correct IP address. Should you using Microsoft DNS service, it will not permit you to create a '*' An archive (presuming you already produced the domain focus DNS MMC), you must do the next:

a) Navigate to %windir%system32dns b) Discover the zone file. E.g., open it up with Notepad c) Add an entry. E.g. * A IP.IP.IP.IP d) Save the zone computer file e) Reload the zone data in DNS MMC.

Be aware that using this method, all * will reaction to the IP that you simply set up earlier. E.g.,, and etc.

To ensure that it's working, try ping utility Ping (place anything here) .. and you ought to get replies from IP.IP.IP.IP

Then try browsing, http://(place anything here).<>, you should obtain the same web site that you simply have set up. Source

The reply is No, IIS7 (still) doesn't support wildcard hostnames (see this). If you wish to serve multiple domain on a single website, the only real workaround for the time being, as notandy recommended, is applying a devoted IP and doing the work with DNS, which does support wildcards.