I am a new comer to Joomla so my idea of the way it all works is a little incomplete. I'd much like to understand whether I have to add new menu products by having an alias for those short web addresses utilized in the applying (e.g. http://mysite/shorturl). What bothers me is the fact that:

  1. Why would I have to create a food selection to have an alias basically avoid using the product inside a menu (why this type of relationship between web addresses and menus).
  2. Basically had 50 articles using short web addresses (aliases), would I must create a food selection for every short url? There's some dependencies I do not like about this.

I figured it made sense to create the alias with an article level.

I just read something about needing to purchase extra time sh404-something with this - really?

If a person could assist me it might be much appriciated.

Thanks and regards, Kjetil

Each article features its own unique url, even it's own unique SEF url. The only real reason behind possess the food selection there's since there needs to be a method to in your area group and link things. Do this, produce a category known as "Things Beginning having aInch then create 3 articles and set them for the reason that category. Produce a food selection having a blog layout designated towards the category "Things Beginning having aInch. Whenever you click on the food selection you need to call at your 3 articles, whenever you click their title you need to discover their whereabouts on one page using their own URL.