This may be stupid but things i think could it be would decrease existence of hardware but I'm not sure what's the extent that existence is decreased whether it does and when it doesn't why don't you?

No, I do not think so.

It might accelerate a fault because of electro-migration, but when that fault happens, it might have in all probability happened anyway -- it had been only a matter of time.

E.g., "Within the late eighties, one type of Western Digital's desktop drives experienced common, foreseeable failure 12–18 several weeks after area usage. Using forensic research into the came back bad models, engineers recognized improper design-rules inside a third-party supplier's IC controller. By changing unhealthy component with what different supplier, WD could correct the flaw, although not before significant harm to the business's status." (source: wikipedia electro-migration article)

Therefore if there's an electro-migration fault waiting to occur -- while using hardware more often could accelerate the fault manifesting itself.