I've got a table with data on my small website and I must go into the data into input controls on another website (which I don't own) regularly. It is possible to method to pre-fill these inputs around the exterior website with data from the website without by hand entering it? This site operates on PHP and also the other website is designed in ASP.

Due to the same origin policy, you cannot modify some other web page.

Should you lucky you are able to pass some parameters towards the page, but only when the page has implemented this:


Or use Bookmarklets

One other way is by using a bookmarklet. Basicly you inject javascript in to the page, load you cheerful and place it in to the form.

The only method to "manipulate" an overseas page is at your browser using tools like "Greasemonkey" the industry Opera Addon. It uses Javascript to edit a webpage within the browser. It ought to be easy to complete an application by using it should you hard-code the appropriate values therefore it does not really fulfill all of your needs...

When the other website isn't protected (captchas, CSFR tokens, etc.) you can just produce a script php to send post messages using curl in the loop... but ehem... another website may not like this plus they might see it as a panic attack :P..

obviously, within this situation you will not be utilising a browser, the data is going to be sent between servers.

Hope this can help