EDIT: Remedied the website header IE7 code during my original publish. Have attempted might placing X-UA-Compatible: IE=EmulateIE7 in to the header with no success. These two steps are recommended by Microsoft here:


I am focusing on a Wordpress blog (URL: www.nxtbot.com) and also have experienced some issues with the way the blog renders in IE8. The website uses Wordpress 2.8+ and also the Mandigo Wordpress theme.

The main style of the page has one central content window, with two sidebars around the right side from the page which use and display widget elements.

The website loads and shows perfectly when seen with Chrome, Opera, and Safari, but breaks when seen with IE8: Both sidebars disappear, and just the primary content window is seen.

I have attempted placing this in to the site header...

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />

...to pressure IE7 compatibility, but that did not appear to assist.

Other people experienced this issue, or possess a fix/workaround?

" is misssing after content attribute, in the event that is not tying mistake.

Your utilization of to put this content and also the sidebar is a very bad idea, but that's not the issue with IE8.

the actual problem is you come with an unclosed object tag in publish 228 which eats the relaxation from the page. As the sidebars want this content they disappear.

List of positive actions (except fixing the damaged markup, obviously) would be to stop using tables and rather draw the sidebars in divs which are right sailed, and set them prior to the content within the HTML. The end result could be correctly situated sidebars which are made prior to the content and won't disappear in case your content breaks the markup.