I've been attempting to eliminate contamination within this (blog.theyoungrens.com) for any couple of days and am inside my wits finish, I've searched the DB, so that as many source files as you possibly can, with no success.

I've changed the theme from fresh files, and also the blog is bound for any almost no time, but inevitably will get re-infected. FTP passwords have been transformed and never saved, and I am being able to access the website from the non-infected computer.

I've discovered a couple of blog articles about similar Search engine optimization earthworms, but not one of them reveal my specific situation.

Any advice for getting rid of the earthworm is going to be GREATLY appreciated.

Here's a listing of steps I suggest for anybody facing an afflicted Wordpress site:

  1. Support your whole site (plug-inches, theme, database, uploads) for your local machine.
  2. Remove from the server -database, WordPress, everything.
  3. Produce a new, blank database
  4. Use a fresh copy of WordPress from wordpress.org
  5. Look at your uploads folder to make certain there isn't any malicious files hiding there (make certain you already know everything.
  6. Re-upload your uploads file.
  7. Re-install your plug-inches and theme from clean copies (completely from the WordPress repository is most effective). If they are no more available, possess a developer clean the PHP code before uploading from the back-up.
  8. Walk-through the backup of the database to make certain there is no malicious code hiding there, then reinstate your database after it's obvious.

The simplest factor to complete would be to employ a developer to by hand clean your website. There can be a malicious file hiding inside your wp-content folder, or there might be a poor entry inside your database. Just upgrading WordPress or re-setting up your theme will not fix individuals.

To locate a developer, publish a brand new job on jobs.wordpress.net. Make sure to describe your condition and provide good examples of the items type of malicious Search engine optimization you are seeing. The greater detailed you may be, the simpler it will likely be to search lower and get rid of the earthworm.

If however , you are receiving re-infect, you have to try acquiring your wrodprss after utilizing the same steps you probably did above.

fix it and seal it :)

a great publish with various simple to do stuff to secure wordpress - yet tricky is http://migh.info/2010/05/securing-your-wordpress-blog/

hope that can help

Best of luck acquiring your site, hope before u face this