I am likely to perform a new install of Wordpress. new 3. version is originating. current stable version is "WordPress 2.9.2" and "WordPress 3. Release Candidate" the final release before final version 3.

So for the time being i ought to setup 2.9.two or three. Release Candidate?

will i must replace all files to RC upon final release?

What exactly are cons to make use of Release Candidate version?

It isn't stable. You will find likely bugs that could spoil or slow down how well you're progressing by using it. There might be security issues. There will probably be issues with certain plug ins which are only maintained as much as 2.9.*.

If you are comfortable moving their bug tracker and you are unlikely to consider this website live prior to the final release is created, go ahead and, suck it and find out.

But when this really is something you need to launch tomorrow and you really need it to operate, opt for stable. Whether it's any consolation, the update process is fairly robust.

The truth that they are some several weeks behind their original roadmap may be reason to be concerned.

Once we have arrived at RC2 and you will find usually only two release candidates, you can wait for a final version to be released over the following week (or at max 2).

But additionally setting up the RC2 is alright, I'm using WordPress since Version 5.7.1 and there is never a problem upgrading it towards the latest version. Just backup your database just in case anything goes completely wrong. Truly nothing goes really wrong. Just run the instantly update and you ought to be fine.