I've moved a WPMu site to a different host, and upgraded to Wordpress 3..3. Situations are going pretty easy, except the prior website were built with a different URL because the primary website installation. Since I've moved the install, I do not require the previous URL because the primary site but desire to make a brand new URl because the primary site. Where will i start altering this? I have transformed the whole database by altering the prior Hyperlink to the brand new URL, and also the wordpress-config is to establish properly with new URL and htaccess doesn't have reference to it. I am drained of places to appear on where you can alter the URL.

Any advice/help could be greatly appreciated.

Steps to alter site URL in Wordpress

  1. Replace new site url with old site url in released database sql file (use Notepad++ for fast search and replace)
  2. Change site url in wp-config file
  3. Change database information (db title, host, username, password) in wp-config file
  4. Change site url in .htaccess file